If your Biological Filter is set up properly, it will mostly be looking after itself. In saying that, now and again you may need to give it some attention; If you’ve notice an obvious flow reduction, that is a good sign that it’s time to give the filter a clean.

Step One:

First up, turn off the water pump to stop the flow through the filter. Remove the lid from the top of the filter and inspect the filter media mats within.

Note: It is normal to have some build up on the filter so don’t rush to give it a scrub if you notice this, in fact we WANT to see a film over it – that’s your beneficial bacteria.

Step Two:

If it needs it, give your filter media a wash.

The beneficial bacteria that calls your filter media home need to be looked after during the clean so do not wash the filter media with tap water as this can contain trace elements of chlorine and other things that the bacteria won’t love.

Simply remove each sheet of filter media and dunk in the pond water, moving it around a bit and brushing it down to clear from excess build-up.

Step Three:

Return the sheet of media back to the filter, put the lid back on and turn the pump on.

And that’s pretty much all there is to it.