Nitrifying Bacteria, The Nitrification Cycle And Your Aquatic Ecosystem:

There’s often a lot going on in our aquatic ecosystems that we don’t really think about. We know that our fish need to be fed, the water needs to filtered and aerated and our plants need to be fertilized/pruned/etc. but maintaining balance is actually far more complex than this. The bacteria in our ecosystem play an integral role in keeping everything happy and healthy and without them, we’d end up with algae and aquatic weed taking over our ponds and ammonia killing off all our fish.

The nitrification cycle, when applied explicitly to aquatic ecosystems, refers to the process of transforming ammonia to nitrites and, eventually, nitrates. When your fishy friends and any visitors they may have (ducks for example) deposit waste into your water your ammonia levels rise. While not necessarily an issue in lower quantities, too much ammonia in your pond can lead to fish and plant mortality through toxicity and acidic conditions. Luckily, nitrifying bacteria assist in removing this toxic substance from your aquatic ecosystem. They do this by snacking on and oxidizing the ammonia, therefore breaking down its molecular structure and allowing it to be converted to more useful, less toxic, substances.

The end result of this process is nitrates which are far safer molecules as they become part of the nutrient load that can be effectively absorbed by your plants. This also allows them to be biologically filtered meaning that rather than accumulating in your ecosystem, they simply get processed naturally and any excess nitrogen gas (the common term for nitrates) simply rises to the surface and evaporates from your pond since that’s what gasses are naturally wired to do.

Not only is this great for your fish but it also helps prevent your water from turning anaerobic (read super low on oxygen and really stinky) which in turn supports your other beneficial aerobic bacteria and encourages improved health across your whole ecosystem.

This is why our Nitrifying Bacteria treatment is our most highly recommended biological treatment product for pond owners as even with such a low dose rate (10ml per 1000L of water) it makes a massive difference to how effectively your pond processes ammonia through the nitrification cycle and therefore has a significant impact on the overall health of your aquatic ecosystem.