Biostim Pellets 20kg

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Biostim Pellets 20kg

Our top recommendation for large pond and dam water treatments. These pellets will improve your water quality and support your aquatic ecosystem.

  • Biologically digests sludge (fancy way of saying it eats the muck on the bottom of your pond)
  • Supports the ponds natural ability to fend off algae.
  • Completely fish friendly and safe for all other aquatic life in your water body.
  • No sludge = no nutrient rich compost to feed nasties.
  • Low dose rates – a little goes a long way.

This treatment is part of the WaterTreats biological range, to find out more about the benefits of applying biological treatments to your water body, click here.


Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 41 × 34 × 33 cm


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