Biostim Powder 20kg Tub

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Biostim Powder 20kg Tub

Biostim Powder is a super concentrated biological water treatment that works within your water column to improve overall water quality.


Key Benefits:

  • Super concentrated water treatment for large ponds and dams.
  • Polishes and clears water.
  • Removes floating nasties and suspended solids in the water column.
  • Reduces excess nutrient load.
  • Improves water quality.
  • Supports beneficial bacteria within the water body.
  • Completely safe for any fish or other aquatic life in your water body.
  • Biologically digests sludge (fancy way of saying it eats the muck on the bottom of your pond).
  • Cleans dam water.
  • Supports the ponds natural ability to fend off algae.


Dosage Instructions:

Initial Dose Rate

1.5kg per surface acre of water

Maintenance Dose Rate

0.5kg per month per surface acre of water.

These dose rates are guidelines only and may need to be increased or decreased according to your individual conditions.

It is recommended to treat, observe and adjust your dose based on results.

Biostim Powder can be dosed at higher rates when required but care should be taken to ensure adequate aeration in fish ponds.



Simply sprinkle Biostim Powder over the surface of your water body.


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