Dazzel Eco Plus Concentrate

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Dazzel Eco Plus Concentrate

This natural odour neutralising product will leave your water body smelling fresh and clean.

  • Essential oil complex – made from plant leaves and herbs.
  • Binds itself to odour causing compounds and uses their energy to get rid of them.
  • Removes rather than masks odour.
  • Nontoxic.
  • Reduces the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Super concentrated – a little goes a long way.

This super concentrated odour control product is an essential oil complex derived from plant leaves and herbs.  DazzeL Eco Plus works by binding itself to odour causing
compounds and utilizing their energy to leave clean, fresh scent floating on your water body.

*Please note that Dazzel Eco Plus is a 20 x concentrate and should be diluted prior to use.