Duck Repellent 1L

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Duck Repellent 1L

  • Stops ducks in their tracks because they can’t stand the smell of it
  • Ducks will normally begin to avoid your pond after 5-7 days – a second application may be required if they continue to visit you
  • Fun Fact: Ducks poop every 15 minutes – that’s a lot of rich nutrient going into your pond and possibly feeding the growth of aquatic weed and algae
  • Non-toxic made of natural oils, herbs & species – Ducks simply just can’t stand it!
  • Best applied across various areas around the pond – apply liquid over tiles, bricks and paved areas – Do NOT apply into the water or directly onto the soil (just place some temporary brick or tiles in the areas you wish to treat)
  • Recommended to apply in an extended dry period of 3-5 days

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