Matala Self Weighted Air Hose 1/2″ – 30.48m Roll

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Matala Self Weighted Air Hose 1/2″ – 30.48m Roll

Matala Self Weighted Air Hose is the glue that holds your sub-surface aeration system together.

You can have the best compressor and diffusers in the world, but if you don’t have the hose to connect them, you’re not going to get anywhere.

This self-sinking hose is the perfect solution as it saves you from having gross, spaghetti looking strands floating over the surface of your pond, lake or dam.


Key Benefits:

  • Can be used in any aquatic environment including fresh and salt water, tanks, retention ponds and even in wastewater processing facilities.
  • Stronger, thicker and heavier than similar products.
  • Will not crush or kink.
  • Can handle freezing temperatures.
  • Crafted from virgin PVC.
  • Connects everything together nicely.


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Complimentary Products:

This product can also be purchased per metre.

Matala Self Weighted Air Hose 1/2″ is compatible with most sub-surface aeration compressors and diffusers.

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