Matala Filter Media Black Full Sheet 120cm x 100cm x 3.8cm

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Matala Filter Media – Black Full Sheet

  • Most coarse media of the 4 types – less dense
  • Used for filtering out and processing large organic particles such as leaves, clumps of algae, seed pods ect
  • The material allows for beneficial bacteria to grow on it – helps to consume organic materials that may otherwise inflate nutrient levels outside of ideal limits
  • Won’t clog when correctly used –  easily cleared by shaking off debris and washing with water (preferably pond water so not to destroy the beneficial bacteria)
  • Adding additional layers will begin to trap smaller particles
  • Durable and effect biological filter media that can be cut up to suit your filter or other application where filtration is required
  • Discount pricing may be applied where this grade media is purchased in packs of 5 – please contact us for pricing


Weight 4.14 kg
Dimensions 122 × 103 × 4 cm

Purchased as single sheets or in a box of 5

Dimensions (per sheet)

120cm x 100cm x 3.8


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