Matala Filter Media Black Full Sheet 120cm x 100cm x 3.8cm

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Matala Filter Media – Black Full Sheet

  • Most coarse media of the 4 types – less dense
  • Used for filtering out and processing large organic particles such as leaves, clumps of algae, seed pods ect
  • The material allows for beneficial bacteria to grow on it – helps to consume organic materials that may otherwise inflate nutrient levels outside of ideal limits
  • Won’t clog when correctly used –  easily cleared by shaking off debris and washing with water (preferably pond water so not to destroy the beneficial bacteria)
  • Adding additional layers will begin to trap smaller particles
  • Durable and effect biological filter media that can be cut up to suit your filter or other application where filtration is required
  • Discount pricing may be applied where this grade media is purchased in packs of 5 – please contact us for pricing
While this product is out of stock, we suggest that you purchase two half sheets of black filter media instead.

Please contact us directly to arrange a discount on half sheets to match the price of a full sheet.


Weight 4.14 kg
Dimensions 122 × 103 × 4 cm

Purchased as single sheets or in a box of 5

Dimensions (per sheet)

120cm x 100cm x 3.8

1 review for Matala Filter Media Black Full Sheet 120cm x 100cm x 3.8cm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    While I’m sure this Matala Filter Media is a great addition to your filter system and supports the bioload to keep the pond in balance, I can’t really comment on that. What I can say though is if you are looking for an inert reticulated PE-based media to slice up and install into your DIY vertical hydroponic towers then you, like I, can stop your search here.

    My delicious greens needed something that their delicate roots could weave their way into, that the nutrient solution could filter through, and that could be made to fit inside a bit of down pipe. I scoured the depths of the internet searching for something, anything that would have my balcony towers ready for the 2020 salad season. Amazon, eBay, even Alibaba – nope. Even the bloke at the local foam shop told me that there wasn’t a product in the market like it.

    Well suffice it to say that when I came to lovemypond browsing pumps and fittings I was moved when I saw the photo of that squiggly black plastic spaghetti sheet. I mean not quite to tears, but it was an emotional moment. I had to buy it.

    I’ve had the black Matala in my towers since September and my first round of greens were delicious. Flow through the media is excellent, and it is flexible enough that you can sandwich two slices into a pipe. Plants root well in the media and I think it will be easily cleaned for the following season with the high pressure sprayer.

    Thanks lovemypond for selling and shipping.

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