Messner Eco X2 Waterfall Pond Pump—20000L

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Messner Eco X2 Waterfall Pond Pump—20000L

Messner is the only German made pond pump available in Australia. High quality and high performance, there is simply no competition when it comes to securing a high end pond pump at a mid range cost. The Messner Eco X2 pond pump is designed for filtration and waterfalls. This model pumps approximately 320 litres of water per minute.

Unlike pumps marketed as ‘Engineered in Germany’ (read: Made in China), Messner pumps have been engineered and made in Germany since the 70’s. This family owned company takes great pride in their products and it shows through their class leading quality.

  • Our number 1 recommendation for pond pumps
  • Energy efficient
  • 6 year warranty on motor
  • Can be installed in or out of the pond
  • High pressure hydraulically optimised impeller
  • Low noise level
  • Includes mounting stand for easy installation, plug ‘n’ play



Long lasting, reliable—6 year warranty on motor

While most pond pumps tend to last 1 to 3 years, Messner pumps last much longer. Each pump is covered by a 6 year warranty on the motor, and often they’ll run for twice that.

Low maintenance

Messner pumps don’t clog like traditional pond pumps because of the fine filter basket design. As well as stopping large debris entering the filter, the specially-engineered basket design allows the pump to continue to operate even when covered in debris that would typically stop other filters working.

Easy to clean

When it does come time to clean your Messner filter, the easy to open cage, removable filter and wipe-friendly surfaces makes cleaning a breeze.

Low power consumption

Messner motors are among the most efficient and low power consuming on the market. It means you can run the pump for a fraction of the energy it takes to cheaper alternatives, saving you money spent on power.



Product Details:

  • Features an energy saving patented impeller.
  • Highly efficient operation.
  • Coarse filter basket that can pass 8mm soft solids – this makes the Eco X2 range ideal for removing waste from your water and sending it through your pond filtration system.
  • Easy to open cage.
  • 32mm inlet and outlet suited to use with graduated fittings.


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Complimentary Products:

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 39 × 29 × 21 cm
In The Box

– Messner Eco X2 20000
– Alternative cage panels for switching location of output
– Fitting for connecting pump to water hose

Flow Rate

327 litres per minute / 19600 litres per hour.

Power Consumption

205W p/h

Maximum Head


Maximum Depth



Hose inlet 32mm
Hose outlet 32mm


5 years – exclusive of working parts

Pump Diameter

12in approx