Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria 1L

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Koi Pond Nitrifying Bacteria 1L

Our most highly recommended biological treatment, this bottle of nitrifying bacteria will boost your biological filtration, assist your aeration and give all your good water bugs some new friends to play with.

  • Boost your good bacteria population.
  • Help your biological filter out so it can get back to doing what it does best – keeping your pond nice and clean.
  • Better filtration and higher levels of nitrifying bacteria mean a healthier pond so all parts of your aquatic ecosystem will benefit.
  • Super low dose rate – you  only need 10ml of bacteria per 1000 litres of water.


Please Note: This product is super concentrated and as such, needs to be stored in the fridge so all the nitrifying bacteria stay asleep until you need them.

Head over to our blog to find out some of the benefits of biological treatments.

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Your super concentrated nitrifying bacteria need to be kept asleep until you put them in your water body so please store them in the fridge.

Dose Rate

10ml per 1000L of water.


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