Ultimate Pond Construction Starter Pack

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Biosteps 10 Biological Filter

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Aqua Tough EPDM Pond Liner, Bagged 3.04m x 4.57m

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Messner Eco X2 - 4500 Filtration/Waterfall Pump

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Matala Muck Buster Pond Vacuum

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Nitrifying Bacteria 1L

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Ultimate Pond Construction Starter Pack

The Ultimate Pond Construction Starter Pack is exactly that, a new bundle that has all the large components you need to get started with your new pond!

You’ll find full descriptions of each included product by clicking through to their standalone links and if you scroll down below the starter pack product description you’ll find a list of useful resources for the new pond builder.

The Ultimate Pond Construction Starter Pack Includes:

  • Biosteps 10 Biological Pond Filter
    The Biosteps 10 is the perfect starter pond filter.
    Suitable for ponds up to 10,000L or Koi Ponds up to 5,000L  the Biosteps 10 offers both mechanical and biological pond filtration and features a buildable design which allows it to grow with your pond.
    Be sure to check out the waterfall outlet and UVC attachments to get even more out of your Biosteps 10.
  • Messner Eco X2 4500 Filtration/Waterfall Pump
    Messner are world leaders in pump technology and the Eco X2 range are our top recommendation for pond pumps.
    The Messner Eco X2 4500 can pump almost 5,000L per hour and features a five year warranty.
    Plus, unlike pumps sold by competing companies, all Messner pond pumps are made in Germany.
  • Aqua Tough Liner – Bagged section 3.04m x 4.57m
    Aqua Tough Liner is a premium EPDM pond liner.
    We recommend laying a pond underlay beneath your liner if your landscape is prone to including rocks or other sharp objects.
  • Matala Muck Buster Pond Vacuum
    The Matala Muck Buster Pond Vacuum makes pond maintenance a breeze.
    And yes, we said pond vacuum, as in a vacuum for your pond.
    Besides getting us to do it for you, using a pond vacuum is the quickest and easiest way to remove sludge from the bottom of your pond.
  • Nitrifying Bacteria 1L Bottle
    Nitrifying Bacteria are crucial to the health of your pond and your fish.
    A healthy nitrification cycle reduce your pond maintenance requirements and helps ensure your fishy friends stay happy and healthy.


Useful Resources For The New Pond Builder:

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Blog: How To Landscape A Pond

Blog: Do’s And Don’ts In Pond Construction

YouTube Playlist: How To Size Up A Pond Pump

Video: Eco-Friendly Pond Pumps

Blog: What Type Of Pond Filter Do I Need?

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Video: Cleaning Your Biological Pond Filter – Pond Care 101

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Blog: Nitrifying Bacteria, The Nitrification Cycle And Your Aquatic Ecosystem:

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Blog: What Is UVC And Why Is It Great?

Matala Filtration Product Brochure

Biosteps 10 Biological Filter

Filter Box Dimensions


Messner Eco X2 - 4500 Filtration/Waterfall Pump

In The Box

– Messner Eco X2 4500
– Alternative cage panels for switching location of output
– Fitting for connecting pump to water hose

Flow Rate

82 litres per minute / 4900 litres per hour.

Power Consumption

48W p/h

Maximum Head


Maximum Depth



Hose inlet 32mm
Hose outlet 32mm


5 years – exclusive of working parts

Pump Diameter

12in approx

Matala Muck Buster Pond Vacuum

Power Consumption

Vacuum Motor:
2hp motor

Water Drain Out in Second


Container Capacity


Suction Hose


Discharge Hose


Power Cable


Nitrifying Bacteria 1L



Your super concentrated nitrifying bacteria need to be kept asleep until you put them in your water body so please store them in the fridge.

Dose Rate

10ml per 1000L of water.


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