SIZING UP A POND PUMP – PART ONE – How To Select The Right Pond Pump For Your Backyard Pond


Sizing up a pond pump can be quite a confusing process so we’ve released this mini series to help you get your ducks in a row and a pump in your pond.

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SIZING UP A POND PUMP – PART ONE – How To Select The Right Pond Pump For Your Backyard Pond – Transcript

Sizing Up A Pond Pump

Part One

G’day this is Scotty Tucker,

It’s pretty hard to know how to size a pond pump when you’ve got no idea and you’ve never built a pond before.

So, this video is just to give you a few general rules and guidelines.

Still doesn’t replace the need to perhaps contact a professional and just say ‘Look this is what I think that I need’ but it’s gonna save you a lot of time if you go to that professional with what you think you need.

So the first general rule of thumb, is that what you need to do is measure your pond to figure out how much actual water volume you’ve got in there.

So the easiest way to do that is to calculate the length, and the width, and also the depth, you don’t have to be absolutely spot on, just approximate is ok.

If you get those three calculations in metres, what you do is you multiply the length, times the width, times the depth, and then you multiply that figure by 1000.

And that will tell you how many litres you’ve got.

Once you know how many litres you’ve got, the general rule of thumb is that you want to turn that water body over once an hour for ponds up to say around 20,000L something like that.

When you start getting into larger ponds, then you can back it off and say you maybe want to turn it over once every couple of hours.

If you get larger still, maybe once every four hours.

These sorts of figures are sort of rough estimates and guidelines for Australian conditions.

When you go online and you start researching online information you’re gonna come across a lot of European information or a lot of American information but these sorts of figures you want to use for Australian conditions, because our conditions are different than anywhere else in the world.

This might seem simple but there’s more to getting the right pond pump than just knowing the size of your pond…

Want to get it perfect?

Stay tuned for Part Two.


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