Top Recommended Pond Pumps – Discover Messner Eco X2 Water Pumps

We’ve been getting people asking us about why the Messner Eco X2 range are our top recommended pond pumps so we decided to create this post and video for those who want to know more about them.

Hunting a detailed explanation of why they’re the best pumps for ponds? Read on. Or, if you’re after a quick tour, scroll down and watch the video.

One of the most important things you need to know about the Messner Eco X2 range of pumps is that, like all Messner products, they are designed, engineered, and most importantly, made in Germany. This alone sets them apart from the competition so when you couple that with the fact that Messner have been crafting quality water gardening and pond products since the 1970’s, you know your new water pump is going to stand the test of time.

What makes the Eco X2 water pumps the best pond pumps?

The Eco X2 range don’t just move your water from point a to b, they can function as both filtration and waterfall pumps. In basic terms, this means that they can operate in a purely function pond maintenance capacity by delivering water to your mechanical or biological pond filter, or as aesthetic boosters by powering your waterfall, but the benefits run far deeper than that. This dual-purpose ability makes their usage and installation capacities incredibly versatile and pairs nicely with the fact that they can be used for both wet and dry operation (installed in or out of your pond). Eco X2 pond pumps also feature the ability to easily switch between top and side opening configurations which further increases installation options. Having all these features incorporated as standard makes them a great option for those looking to add a pump to their existing pond set up as you will be far less restricted by your existing infrastructure and allows almost infinite flexibility for those creating a new backyard oasis.

What are my options?

Available to the Australian market in six varieties, the Messner Eco X2 range have flow rate options spanning from 82lpm to 327lpm (4,900lph to 19,600) and, depending on the model, can operate at a head of almost six metres.

Flow rate and head rating for Messner Eco X2 water pumps - These quality, German made pumps are great for both filtration and waterfalls and are our most highly recommended pond pumps.

What’s with all the massive holes?

Messner Eco X2 water pumps feature a coarse filter basket that can pass 8mm soft solids. This may not provide any immediately obvious benefits, but it actually makes them perfect for taking waste out of the pond and into the filter when used for wet operation and prevents them from ending up covered in small gunk particles.

It’s also important to note that the cage on these pumps is quite easy to open which simplifies cleaning and maintenance and makes them far less likely to get broken when removal is necessary.

What’s inside?

All Messner Eco X2 models feature an energy saving patented impeller which enables them to use as little as 48W to provide much needed circulation. This makes them incredibly eco-friendly and means that they’re great for your back pocket as well since the lower the power consumption, the lower the power bill.

In terms of materials and build quality, all models in the Eco X2 range feature a stainless steel splitting tube rotor, removable inbuilt pre-filter cap and thermal overload switch.

Units measure 36 x 27 x 18 cm, can operate at a depth of up to two metres and come with a five year manufacturers warranty exclusive of working parts.

And that’s why the Messner Eco X2 range are our top recommendation for pond pumps.

The first video below is a quick tour/explainer and the second is a sneak peak inside manufacturer Messner’s German factory and warehouse.

If you would like any further information about the Messner Eco X2 range of pond pumps, get in touch on 1300 005 670 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page.

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Video: ECO-FRIENDLY POND PUMPS – Meet The Messner Eco X2 Range Of Pond Water Pumps – Low Power Filter Pumps

Video Transcript:


Eco-Friendly Pond Pumps.

The Messner Eco X2 range provides premium pumping backed by German manufacturing and a family who want to build a legacy centred around their top-quality offerings.

Complete with a five-year warranty, these units can be used in, or out, of the water and come in a range of power options to provide a personally tailored solution for your pumping and filtration needs.

Scotty Tucker – Aquaculture Specialist:

G’day, this is Scotty Tucker, here today talking about the Messner Eco X2 pond pumps.

These pumps are great for filters and waterfalls, and the reason for that is this very large, open celled cage that the pump motor sits in.

So, what that means is that, anything that gets sucked in through here, such as fish waste, broken down leaves, fish food, any sort of rotting, organic material, will get sucked in through here, won’t damage the impeller, and get spat out the other end into your filter.

This is as close to a no maintenance pump as you’re ever going to get.

It’s not uncommon for these top go into the water and you just literally don’t touch them for years.

Not recommending that, you want to keep an eye on your pump every now and then, but it’s certainly not uncommon to do very little, if not no cleaning at all.

The other advantage with the Messner pumps is that they are still manufactured in Germany.

Competing brands have stickers on them that say “Engineered in Germany” which basically means designed in Germany, made in China.

Messner are still a family owned, German company and they do produce all their equipment in Germany so the quality is absolutely exceptional.

Another advantage is the low power consumption, all Messner pumps are very, very low power consuming.

This little model here, forty-five hundred litre an hour, only uses forty-eight watts.

So with a pond pump, and with a filter pump, it’s very important to run that filter 24/7 so you want a pump that’s uses very low power.

And again, unlike Chinese manufacturers, what it says on the label with a German pump, it actually does, there’s no fanciful, inflated specifications.

Other key points here with the Messner pump is that in the kit itself, you get a couple of extra cage fittings and what that enables you to do, as you can see here, this is as it comes straight out of the box with your inlet points are all around here and with your outlet going out to your hose, running out to your fountain or your waterfall is on the top.

Now if you’re in relatively shallow water or you don’t want the hose having to go over on an angle and you prefer the outlet to be coming out the side, you simply change these connections and you’ll see here, on this set up, that the outlet is down on the side there.

So, quite well made, very good design, very low power consumption, great for filters and waterfalls.

If you want to buy a pump that’s going to last you years and years and years, five year warranty, again, not uncommon for these things to last ten years plus.

Messner pumps, great choice.

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Michael Meßner, General Manager and Authorized Officer of Messner talks to us about the company and why they chose to partner with Water Quality Solutions to bring premium Messner products to Australia:

Video Transcript:

Messner is a German based, family owned company.

Established about fifty years ago, specialising in technical appliances in general, and for the past forty years we’ve been majoring in water gardening and especially in pumps and technical accessories for water gardening.

Messner is located about fifty kilometres away from Hannover in the North of Germany.

Messner has always been aiming for outstanding products and outstanding quality.

In general, we manufacture, water gardening pumps which means circulation pumps, on a high energy efficiency basis.

We do manufacture on a very, very experienced level and we also try to put that experience into the practical use of the product.

Since we manufacture professional pumps we look for professional customers.

I met Scott some five years ago at a European congress on water gardening and we almost dearly fell in love because what I love very much was the professional and quality aiming approach that Scott is looking for.

To have a look around Messner’s website and learn more about their company, click here.