What Are Pump Defenders?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about what exactly our Pump Defenders are and why they’re useful so we figured we’d put together this post to provide some more in-depth information.

Pump Defenders are devices crafted from premium Matala Filter Media. Specifically, they are made up of Green, medium density, filter media, which is placed in a net for ease of installation.

So How Are They Helpful?

Sump Pumps:

Pump Defenders are designed to protect sump style pumps.

They do this by preventing large debris from entering the pump, which decreases the risk of clogging, damage and failure.

The filter media is placed in a net which fits snuggly over your pump and assists in keeping everything flowing smoothly. This benefits you by improving the longevity of your pump and reducing your maintenance requirements.

It also means that when it comes time to clean your pump and defender, the job is easier as Matala Filter Media does not clog when used correctly. You can simply shake the debris off and wipe over your pump.

Irrigation Dams:

You can also Matala Pumps Defenders to protect, and improve the efficiency of, foot valve strainers in irrigation dams.

They operate in the same way that they would over a sump pump in a pond or dam which allows them to keep your irrigation system functioning smoothly by preventing nasties from entering pipes. This equals reduced maintenance requirements and less need to frequently flush out your system due to blocked or gunked up pipes.

Any aerobic bacteria living on the Pump Defender that get washed through your irrigation system can also be beneficial as they will help aerate your soil but this is not their intended use and should not be your only source of soil aeration.

Biological Filtration In Smaller Water Bodies:

Pump Defenders can also support your biological filtration.

While this won’t be particularly noticeable in larger water bodies, it can be quite beneficial in ponds and smaller dams.

This is because the Filter Media that Pump Defenders are made out of is the ideal home for beneficial bacteria. They love all the little nooks and crannies that they can grow on so the addition of a Pump Defender to your pond pump will help their population flourish.

We don’t recommend using this as your only source of biological filtration but it certainly won’t hurt.


If you do not have a sump style pump in your pond but still want to increase your biological filtration and boost beneficial bacteria levels without adding another pond filter, you can add a Matala EzBio Pre-Filter to your pump intake.


Although these are the main uses for Pump Defenders this is not an exhaustive list.

To find out more, view the Matala Pump Defender Product Brochure.

If you have another application you would like to implement, please get in touch with us via the Contact Page or by calling 1300 283 387.