What Is UVC And Why Is It Great?

A UVC unit (Ultra Violet Clarifier) is essentially a secondary filtration device. Water flows through the unit and is sterilised and clarified during its journey. In basic terms, this means that your water will come out the other end crystal clear and void of most single cell organisms. This makes UVC units perfect for dealing with planktonic algae and a great addition to any pond that you want to be able to see right to the bottom of.

While these units aren’t entirely necessary in many cases (unless you have issues with single cell algae making your water look like pea soup) they can provide a major boost to your pond’s aesthetics while also improving water quality, just remember to keep them either separate to your filter, or place them before your filter media as otherwise the ultra violet light will kill any good bacteria flowing from your filter.

Most UVC are completely safe for use in ponds with fish (although you should always check to be sure) and can also be used in water gardens as they will do no harm to organic organisms in their proximity, only those that pass through them.

It is important to remember when utilising one of these units that your beneficial bacteria will also be neutralised if they come into contact with the UV light emitted from this device so care should be taken to ensure that your ecosystem remains balanced. Once the unit has been installed for a bit, your pond will find its new normal, but it is recommended that you dose the water with some nitrifying bacteria upon initial installation.

Please note that your fish will also be more vulnerable to predators when using a UVC as your water will be clear right to the bottom of your pond. As such, it is recommended that those who wish to use a UVC ensure that their pond has plenty of hiding places for their fishy friends. This can be done by planting out your pond and adding some nice rocks underwater for your fish to dart between. Those will larger ponds can also consider adding floating wetlands.

If you feel inclined you could install a pond net, but we do not recommend this option as nets don’t look very nice and will reduce your access to, and enjoyment of, your pond.