Aussie Bass (also known as Freshwater Perch or Eastern Freshwater Perch) are a native species of the eastern drainage systems of Australia, commonly found from Southeastern Queensland down to Southern Victoria.

Aussie Bass are carnivores that like to feed on insects, insect larvae, shrimp, yabbies and smaller fish.  If stocking your dam with Aussie Bass, it’s a good idea to also stock smaller feeder fish such as Murray River Rainbows or Pygmy Perch as well as glass shrimp to keep them well fed.

While they are heavy feeders, Aussie Bass are slow growers compared to other native freshwater species such as Silver or Golden Perch reaching around 40cm and 1 – 2kg in dams with good food supplies.   

It’s relatively small size is made up for by their aggressive fight as a sport fish species and out of those species suitable for dams, they are arguably the best eating fish. So, Aussie Bass should be a species of choice for most fishing dams.

Aussie Bass prefer to hang out around structures and hides so it’s a good idea to include both surface and underwater habitat such as plants, rocks, pipes, floating wetlands or purpose built underwater fish habitat.  

commercial floating wetland

Shallow Water Fish Habitat (Fish Attractor)

When creating habitat in your dam remember to include structures for the smaller feeder fish, glass shrimp and insects so they can breed and continue to provide an ongoing food supply for the bass.

The natural breeding behaviour of Aussie Bass involves migrating to estuarine or salt water for breeding which is why they won’t successfully breed in dams and will need to be restocked every few years.  

Considered the Barramundi of the South, Aussie Bass are a great sport fishing and eating species that is well worth stocking for anyone who wants a prized catch from their dam.

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