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Mosquitos can be a real pain. They suck your blood, leave you with itchy sores and breed like rabbits in unhealthy water conditions.

Luckily, they’re not really a problem when it comes to well maintained ponds, here’s why:


G’day, this is Scotty Tucker,

Just a short video to take about mozzies, or mosquitos, in your pond.

No-one wants mosquitos in their pond, some people get put off with putting a pond in because they think it’s just going to breed mosquitos.

Couldn’t be further from the truth.

The thing is with mosquitos, they don’t like moving water.

The thing is with ponds, you want to have moving water, to make sure that your pond is clean and healthy so you’re doing that with pumps or aeration systems, waterfalls, fountains, whatever it is.

But as soon as you put something into the water that moves the water and circulates the water around, you’ll find that mosquitos simply won’t breed in it.

They do like still, stagnant water.

And if you have got a pond that’s still and stagnant, get something in there to move the water around so you don’t get the mozzies.

Another thing with mozzies that can be effective, is fish, just simply put some fish in there.

If you’ve got still, stagnant water, even though we recommend that you shouldn’t, then stick a few fish in there because they’ll go through and eat the mosquito larvae.

When it comes to circulating water, another thing that it does, in terms of, not only do the mosquitos not like breeding in that, but by circulating the water and getting a good, healthy community of other micro invertebrates and macro invertebrates, so little water bugs that are in there, a lot of these will also graze on mosquitos.

So you just don’t get problems with mosquitos in a well managed and well maintained pond.

So please, don’t get put off and worry about mosquitos, you won’t see them in a pond.


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Special Thanks to Villa Verde for letting us film in their gorgeous garden!