“But won’t a pond just create the perfect storm for mosquitos and other bloodsucking nasties?”

A lot of people avoid putting in a pond because they’re worried about ending up with a nasty looking, foul smelling, breeding ground for mosquitos in their backyard. While this certainly is a risk, it’s a risk with any water you may have, yes we’re looking at you pools, dams and even puddles if the weather is conducive to them sticking around long enough. The good news is, however, that as long as you properly maintain your pond, this horrible scenario should be fairly easy to avoid.

Mosquitos are kind of like algae in that they love still, stagnant water, in fact it’s their favourite place to lay their eggs, that’s why some people run into issues. You water is naturally going to be fairly still since man-made bodies aren’t in a constant stave of flux and wave like the ocean, but that doesn’t mean it is doomed to stay this way.

Filters that have waterfall outlets are a great way to break up the surface of your water (and therefore reduce stagnation) in smaller ponds and those with larger water bodies can invest in surface aeration that will help dissuade mosquitos from making your home theirs. As we know, aeration systems also greatly improve the oxygen levels in your water which makes it a healthier ecosystem all round, but even the small disturbance created by a cascade such as that which comes out of a Matala Biosteps 10 Biological Filter can help (to a lesser extent) raise oxygen levels within your backyard pond.

This is also important for mosquitogedden prevention as another reason they are drawn to some ponds is excess nutrient. By boosting your oxygen levels you’re giving your beneficial bacteria what they need to thrive and help suck any excess out of the water which makes for a cleaner, happier pond that is far less appealing to flying, biting nasties.

Another great way to make your pond less inviting to mosquitos is to make it more appealing to other, more friendly, locals. Frogs are a great sign that your water is healthy but they’re also massive mozzie snackers. Your froggy friends will happily sit around all day picking off any mosquitos that fly past them, as will many species of lizard, both of which are far more fun to have hanging out in your backyard than bloodsucking fiends.

If you’re not a fan of croaking, however, or maybe lizards creep you out because they look a little too similar to snakes, stocking fish can also greatly reduce your chances of ending up with an itchy pain factory in your garden. Many species of fish will happily chow down on any eggs or larvae that find themselves in, or sometimes, even around, your pond. While this won’t necessarily remove a pre-existing mosquito problem, it will certainly help prevent them setting up a breeding program in your pond.

So there you have it, your fears of being over-run should hopefully be at least somewhat dimmed after reading this post. If you have any further questions, or would like some help planning, installing or maintaining, a pond, head over to our contact page and lodge an enquiry or give us a call on 1300 005 670 to get in touch with one of our friendly experts.