Matala MDB11 – 9″ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Disc With Single Base

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Matala MDB11 – 9″ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Disc With Single Base

Fine Bubble Diffuser Discs are the ideal way to introduce air into your water from your sub-surface aeration system.

This product includes a single 9″ fine bubble membrane diffuser disc and a heavy duty base.


Key Benefits:

  • Fine bubble diffusion is the most effective way to aerate with a sub-surface aeration system.
  • Super low maintenance diffusion.
  • Non-clogging diffuser – the design allows the diffuser to stay cleaner for longer and helps prevent clogging.
  • Smart operation – when air is running through the diffuser disc, the membrane opens, if the air is stopped, the membrane closes.
  • Tear resistant design.
  • Super strong – these diffusers are heavy duty, commercial grade products so they’ll stand up to whatever you throw at them.
  • Low back pressure – efficient air flow with minimal back pressure on the air compressor helps protect your system.
  • Once weighted, the diffuser will stay at the bottom of the pond or dam until removed.


What’s Included:

  • Heavy duty base.
  • One 9″ Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Discs.
  • Required fittings for assembly.
  • Clamp for attaching your diffuser to air hose.


Installation Information:

The diffuser is to be used with a suitable compressor system.

This product includes a heavy-duty base which will need to be filled with gravel or similar to ensure that the diffuser stays at the base of the water body.

Once the base has been weighted, simply screw the diffuser disc to the base.

A clamp is included so that you can easily attach your diffuser to the air hose running from your compressor.

We suggest the use of weighted air hose to avoid having spaghetti looking noodles floating all around the surface of your water body.

Diffuser Installation Video: DAM HELPFUL TUTORIALS – How To Attach Air Hose To Your Diffuser – Connecting Your Dam Aeration


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Complimentary Products:

Please note that the diffuser needs to be paired with the appropriate air compressor for your situation. If you are unsure which compressor you require, please fill out a contact form or give us a call on 1300 005 670 for assistance.

Depending on the diameter and length you require, we suggest selecting your air hose from the below options:

You can view the product brochure for Matala Self-Weighted Air Hose here.

If you’re hunting extra protection for your compressor or air pump, we suggest connecting a check valve to your diffuser prior to attaching hose. Check valves are marked to show which direction air is able to flow through them, please install your check valve with the arrows pointing towards the diffuser.


The Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Disc and included base are commercial grade products. This means that in addition to ponds, dams and other residential water bodies, they are also suitable for application in:

  • Aquaculture
  • Lagoons
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Food Processing Plants
  • And More


To receive advice for larger and/or commercial water bodies, please contact our sister company, Water Quality Solutions.

Weight 1.52 kg
Dimensions 31 × 15 × 28 cm
Air Output

40-120 lpm
1.4-4.2 cfm


3/4" Poly Barb Connection