A windmill is a wonderful addition to any water body. They’re aesthetically pleasing, provide valuable aeration and are great solutions in regards to sustainability. Because of this, if you have the space, and a windy enough environment, we strongly recommend installing a windmill for your dam.

If you’re curious as to how they work, read our mini case study below:

The Issue:

We had a customer recently who had issues with algae in their dam. Because the dam was used for recreation and for livestock to drink from, they needed it cleared up quickly with minimal product based intervention.

Blue Green Algae:

Blue-Green Algae is the common name for a collection of nasty bacteria scientifically referred to as Cyanobacteria. They can cause issues for us as well as our animal friends so it is important to sort out any blooms that arise as soon as possible. Algae can also create a self-perpetuating cycle of quality degradation within your water body as it robs your dam of oxygen, therefore creating further imbalances in your aquatic ecosystem.

Why A Windmill Was A Great Solution:

By nature, algae loves still, stagnant water and hates being circulated. Because of this, installing a windmill aeration system for their dam assisted in clearing the issue up quickly and effectively.

We particularly liked this solution as it was great for the environment as well as our customer. While a solar powered system could have also had the same benefits,  an issue arises overnight with this type of solution as they rely on sunlight and therefor cannot function during nighttime hours. This is where windmills shine as they can provide effective, aeration, 24/7 without external intervention.

What You Should Know About Our Windmills:

We source our windmills from our friends over at Water Quality Solutions which makes them particularly special as, unlike other options which require an additional pump as they move water, our windmills inject air into the bottom of your dam. This means that you will have millions of tiny air bubbles working constantly to bring the stagnant water from the bottom of your dam to the surface. This provides both aeration and circulation which greatly improves the quality of your water.

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aeration options for your dam.

Sidenote: In many cases, algae removal can be achieved mainly through aeration. If you’re hunting a quick fix, however, we also offer a product called Algae Lift which will dissolve any algae on the surface of your water body. Please note that this does not treat the underlying issues, merely the algae itself which is only a symptom of other problems or imbalances. Because of this, we do not recommend that you use Algae Lift as a long term solution.