So you’ve got some visiting ducks, cute right? Wrong.

Well, not technically because they are pretty sweet little critters and watching them swim around is quite peaceful. What’s not peaceful, however, is having to deal with the amount of faeces those little guys are probably dropping into your water right about now.

All ecosystems rely on balance to stay healthy and when you get visitors like the quack family, that can be disrupted quite quickly. Sure, your fish poo pretty much constantly, and your aquatic plants drop plenty of organic waste into your pond, but if you’re properly maintaining it, this shouldn’t really matter because it’s what’s normal for your water. Problems arise, however, when external factors, like ducks and other visitors, or weather events that introduce new things to your water, start encroaching on your pond’s personal space.

The problem with animal excrement is that it’s super rich in nutrients. Generally your plants and aquatic animals will be getting all the nutrients that they need from your pond when it is in its normal, undisturbed state, so when you start getting extra input from guests, you end up with a whole lot of excess.

This then becomes available for algae and other nasties to thrive on and creates a self-perpetuating cycle of water quality degradation. Another problem with animal excrement is that you never fully know what’s in it. While most poo can be dealt with through the standard channels of aeration, filtration and beneficial bacteria, some can hide some pretty nasty diseases which can make your fishy friends sick or even cause mortality. We’re not saying that you should completely block any other friends from visiting your pond, but you should definitely take precautionary measures. Luckily, this is as simply as doing your best to make sure no sick animals come near your little ecosystem and upping your dosage rates of water treatments if you start to notice any changes in your water.

For more specific information on how to protect your pond, get in touch with one of our friendly specialists for a chat. They’ll be able to advise you on how best to manage your water and any wayward influences that may be disturbing the peace.