Q&A: Windmill Aeration For Dams Explained

Windmill aeration provides an effective oxygen transfer solution for your large pond, dam or other water body and as wind is a completely clean and renewable power source, they are some of the most sustainable offerings on the market.

Unfortunately, they’re terribly underrated so we decided to put together a list of the questions we commonly get asked (and they’re corresponding answers) to try to shed some light on these wonderful inventions.

What are the benefits to windmill aeration systems?

Windmill aeration systems are aesthetically pleasing, free to run and highly efficient, especially when they are used for injecting oxygen rather than circulating water. They also have relatively low maintenance requirements and costs and will pay back your initial investment rather quickly when you consider the fact that they require absolutely zero external energy.

What makes oxygen injecting systems better than water pumping ones?

Oxygen injecting systems are generally considered superior to their water pumping counterparts when it comes to aeration as moving air requires only a fraction of the energy required to move water. This improves efficiency, significantly decreases necessary wind levels for effective operation and removes the need for use of an additional external pump.

How do windmill aeration systems work?

While we cannot speak for all systems, the compressor/diaphragm systems that we offer harvest the air that comes into contact with their blades and forces it down an attached length of air hose.

From here, the air is transferred to your water body via a diffuser which sits on the base of your dam.

This generates a mixing effect in addition to adding extra oxygen into your water as the millions of tiny bubbles that are released into your dam will do their best to bring the water from the bottom up to the surface with them.

Please Note: More than one diffuser may be required depending on the shape, depth and size of your dam or water body. If you are unsure of your requirements, please get in touch and our friendly, expert team will be happy to assist you in specifying the correct system for your needs. 

How hard is it to install a windmill aeration system?

Once again, we can’t speak for all models but ours are fairly simple. We source them from our friends over at Water Quality Solutions and they have a great installation video to show exactly how easy it is.

How far from my dam’s edge can I position my windmill?

The maximum recommended distance from your water body to your windmill is 300 metres.

Does it need to be lowered in poor conditions and/or high winds?

Our windmills are rated to withstand some pretty nasty weather (pretty much anything below a hurricane) but we do recommend lowering them if you are at all concerned for their stability or safety although this is mostly for your peace of mind.

How will a windmill aeration system benefit my dam?

Windmill aerators carry all the same benefits as traditional sub-surface aeration systems and as long as you live in a windy enough area they will provide efficiency equal to, or greater than, a mains powered unit.

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