How Many Pond Plants Can I Have? – LMP Pond Academy

Plants are a wonderful addition to any pond.

They brighten up your aesthetic, give fishy friends some places to play and hide and can even provide assistance to your aeration system in the right circumstances.

Adding them in, however, isn’t as simple as selecting the plants you want and dumping them in. Different plants grow best in different parts of your aquatic ecosystem and you need to be careful not to add too many to your pond.

In this LMP Pond Academy mini production, we take a quick look at how much of your pond you can safely plant out and why you should keep things at the recommended levels.


How much of my pond can I have planted?

It’s a good rule of thumb for maybe a third of your pond to be planted out but don’t have much more.

Why only about a third?

What can happen is if you’ve got too many plants in the water, in the morning you might come out to your fish gasping at the surface and you think oh they’re hungry, they must be looking for some food, but they’re not. They’re actually gasping for air and the reason for that is that aquatic plants are a great thing and they do produce oxygen during the day, especially the ones that are fully below water level, but those same plants at night will actually take oxygen out of the water.

So if your pond is too heavily planted, what can happen is you can get these wild swings of oxygen between the day and night, and it can cause a lot of stress on your fish.



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